Your Dealership. Your Branded Online Community. Your Rules.
Groups and Chapters
Let's start real interaction for your members and team. Community groups give members a place to hold discussions and share experience.

Create Interactive Content to engage your customers like never before.

Get more Customers with
Easy Online Advertising
Multiple-Page Platform
Create, manage and duplicate your platform design with multiple pages using our innovative content management system.
Agenda for Live & Online Events
Create a detailed event agenda, schedule meetings, events, webinars, meetups and more..
Your Harley-Davidson dealership community App on the SMART-phone of the members and customers!
Interactive Newsfeed
Drive interaction with the built-in Newsfeed and benefit from user-generated content.
Registration and SSO
Your community comes with a customizable registration form - including various payments gates and a Single sign-on (SSO) access.
Harley-Davidson digital ecosystem - Made Easy
The BUZZ Community Software allows your company to connect with your customers 365 days / 24-7 by creating a space for sharing ideas and interacting with fellow customers and business representatives.
Authentic. Impactful. Cost-Effective.
Create your closed Harley-Davidson Dealership online community powered by social media-inspired design, modern features, and apps. All of your community apps are available on all devices.
grow your customer base and stay in touch
Boost YOUR Sales & Power-up Revenue
Reduce Cost & Increase Sales Productivity
Generate income by selling advertising spaces for third-party and brands, integrated shops, referral programs, and exclusive content.
Create a unique customer experience by building your own 24/7 Dealership online community of engagement customers.
Boost your Sales Team efficiency and generate more sales by creating Customer Lifetime Value in a safe space.
grow excellent interaction with customers
Let’s be honest; your customers probably do not buy Harley because it is technically the most mature bike on the market.

Being part of Harley’s asphalt community – and then the sound of the open Reinhart – are the sales arguments. Brilliant marketing!

Harley is about getting on the road; and about the Harley community – on the road, in the bar, at the dealership.
MADE FOR HARLEY-davidson Dealerships

BUZZ SaaS developed a platform and mobile app which will help Harley-Davidson Dealerships facilitate lead conversion by interacting with customers in the closed virtual community 365 days / 24-7.

The World is moving on; perhaps it makes sense to add a new dimension to the coffee table on Saturdays at the dealership and the HOG chapter.

Applications of BUZZ Platforms for your Dealership
Your customers download your own app.
The app is branded as you want; the functionalities are adjusted to your needs.
Closed Dealership Community
Invite your customers to make a profile in the closed virtual community. All members have profiles, bike date, communication means in writing and speaking.

Now you have created your own dealership community where the members communicate on their apps; “Hi, here is Joe; anybody in for a ride?”

Organize closed sub-groups – Road Glide Riders, HOG, Young Bloodz, etc.
Integrate your shop & homepage
Use push notifications.

Build your interactive Marketplace. Generate extra income.

Once you have grown a sizeable community - sell advertising space – luxury brands, insurance, the local construction company, law partnership, etc.
Easy to use event technology for online or hybrid events.

Create top-notch virtual events with the latest technology – from bike presentations to bands and tour presentations. The events are broadcasted to your members.

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